A great application photo makes a good impression when applying

Although you can not get the job right away with a nice smile, at least you can open the door quite far. It is obvious that with an excellent application photo you can increase the chances of the job tremendously.

Personnel would like to know who they are dealing with and right there a job application can help immensely. Theoretically, you can also omit the application photo. Because according to the Equal Treatment Act, applicants who do not have a photo in their application must not be disadvantaged. Nevertheless, the practice is different.

It is recommended to include a job application in your application. An application photo shows your personality. It is usually not aware what you can read everything out of a job application photo. In particular, people who have a lot of energy, can show this wonderful with a candid photo. Finally, you can also score with a job application photo, because you show with the right clothes and tie that you already know the dress code.

Why do you need a job application photo?

Surely you also know the saying that a picture says more than a thousand words. Of course, this also applies to a job application photo. Especially for your application, a meaningful photo is very important. A decent application photo is just so important because it gives you an important part of your personality, attitude and motivation. Imagine that you want to get this job and are looking forward to demonstrating your skills at the company.

The staff should be able to extract this joy from a good application photo. In the photo, it is also important to appear sympathetic and to arouse interest in the HR manager. Even if you theoretically do not need a photo for your application, you can collect many sympathy points with a good picture.

When selecting the right candidate, unfortunately, it is not only the technical skills that matter, but also the outward appearance and the charisma. Of course, a job application usually does not decide whether to get a job. But the fact is that a bad application photo could cause you to sort out immediately.

Where do you get good application pictures?

If you want a good application photo, you need a good photographer, of course. It’s that easy. But first you have to find a good photographer. In order to find a professional photographer who understands his craft, consider the following factors:

  • A professional photographer should have a talent for his work and be able to show you other application photos on request
  • A good photographer ensures transparency and tells you straight away what the pictures will cost and how much time it will take you
  • A well-trained photographer gives you good tips for your outfit, hairstyle or make-up depending on the industry or profession
  • For a highly qualified photographer, you can pick the best photos after the shoot
  • What are the characteristics of a good application photo?
  • In addition to choosing a good photographer, you should also be able to assess whether the photos are of a high quality. Pay attention to the following points:
  • You should choose an outfit that suits your future job
  • The photographer should tell you that your hair should not cover your face
  • The picture should not only show your head, but also part of your shoulders
  • Your jewelry may not be too intrusive, better discreet
  • Natural and friendly smile but not unnatural when smiling
  • The guideline for a photo is 6 cm high and 4.5 cm wide
  • You can also receive your application photos on a CD or USB stick in digital form

You should avoid this with a job application photo

Caution is required when applying for a job application. There is a reason for that, because your photo is comprehensively rated. Therefore avoid typical mistakes:

  • Do not wear short sleeves, arms should always be covered in the picture
  • Do not provide deep insights, i. Do not show too much skin, in case of doubt better make a button
  • Do not look up or down, always look straight into the camera, otherwise it makes a submissive impression
  • Do not use snapshots from your free time
  • Do not use party pictures as photos
  • Do not use old pictures, what matters is what you look like now and not like 5 years ago
  • Do not use paper clips, i. Do not attach your photo to your CV with a paperclip as it looks very cheap, better use a glue stick
  • Do not use bright colors
  • Do not use whole body shots
  • The reality is that good and professional pictures from the photographer are not always cheap. In fact, you should definitely invest a bit more money. Basically, one can only say that it pays to invest in a good application photo. And when you get the job, the investment will soon pay off.

Make an application photo yourself?

Of course, there is nothing wrong with making a picture yourself. Because good application photos are not exactly cheap. Maybe you are talented or have a lot of experience in the field of photos, then you could try it yourself. However, it would be better to leave this act to someone who understands his craft too. Of course, it is better if you have a friend or friend who can take care of it for you. So that you can make the right photo on your own, here are some tips:

Use a tripod to keep the blurring rate low

Use a bright, even background, best photographed in front of a white wall
Use as much daylight as possible during photography
Print the application photos on photo paper, either at your printer or at the drugstore
Allow enough time, because 10 minutes are definitely too short, better is an hour


As you can see, there is a lot to create a great and professional application photo. It’s best to use the tips in this article, and you’re guaranteed not to go wrong. Basically, it is recommended to invest a bit of money in a good photo. Because this way, you can make sure that you present yourself to the staff at your best.

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